Being charged with a crime is a shocking experience for most people. We understand the emotional stress that coincides with a criminal investigation or an arrest. If you, a loved one or a friend have been arrested or are the subject of a criminal investigation it is urgent that you contact a criminal defense attorney. It is critical that we begin working to protect your rights as soon as possible after being investigated, arrested or charged with a crime. The police have already commenced the case for the prosecution. You need to begin building your defense immediately.

What Makes Our Firm Different?

The cornerstone of this firm is our experience in the courtroom. Our firm is uniquely dedicated to providing clients with skilled and aggressive legal representation in criminal matters with personal service, efficiency, professionalism and most importantly outstanding results. Occasionally, the police investigate, charge and arrest someone for a crime that they did not commit. During our decades of defending clients in criminal matters we have witnessed numerous mistakes made by law enforcement. We are committed to ensuring that your rights are protected at every stage of the investigation, arrest and formal charges.

More Than 50 Years Of Combined Experience Fighting For Our Clients

At Cameron, Gonzalez & Marroney, PLLC, we believe that every person who has been charged with a crime deserves the most zealous defense of their rights. During our years of defending the rights of our clients in state and federal court we have built a reputation for providing aggressive representation that we are very proud of. Our clients can depend on the fact that we will bring all of our skill, experience and knowledge to help them secure the best possible resolution.

Attorney Orlando Gonzalez has more than 16 years of experience defending the rights of clients against the most challenging of cases. Mr. Gonzalez is a former police officer, detective and vice agent with over 12 years in law enforcement prior to becoming an attorney. His unique experience allows him to provide an aggressive defense for his clients. Most lawyers learn how law enforcement conducts its investigations by asking the very same officers who investigate and arrest their clients. Mr. Gonzalez has first-hand knowledge of the policies and procedures that must govern a criminal investigation.

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In general, when people are charged with a crime it is a life-altering experience for the accused and his/her family. It is critical that you and your family have an experienced lawyer at your side to assure that your rights are protected and that you secure the best possible resolution to your case. The skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys of Cameron, Gonzalez & Marroney, PLLC, can help. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers, call 561-232-6933 or Contact Us Online.