Spousal support, or alimony as it is commonly known, can be a contentious issue in divorces where one party earns more money than another. Rarely do spouses agree on spousal support. That difference in perspective can create animosity and difficulties that can derail the entire divorce process. Our skilled and experienced family law attorneys can help ensure that your perspective is heard and that you present the strongest case for your position.

There have been recent changes in the laws that govern the determination of spousal support. The legislature has laid out a number of changes to spousal support in Florida. The law specifies categories of duration for marriages:

  • Short term — If a couple has been married less than seven years, there is a presumption that permanent alimony is never appropriate.
  • Moderate — If a couple has been married seven to 17 years, there is no presumption regarding spousal support.
  • Long term — If a couple has been married for more than 17 years, there is a presumption that permanent alimony would be appropriate.

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At Cameron, Gonzalez & Marroney, PLLC, we can help you understand how your situation fits in with the recent changes to the laws regarding spousal support. Despite the recent categorization of marital duration, the law still allows the Court to analyze each marriage on a case by case basis. Even in the absence of permanent alimony the Court can still award Temporary, Durational, Rehabilitative or lump sum alimony to do equity between the parties. Our extensive litigation experience will allow one of our partners to build a case that can effectively advocate for the resolution you are seeking.

We understand how important the issue of spousal support can be for individual spouses as they move forward after a divorce. The income and assets that previously supported one household must now support two. This can put a serious strain on finances. Let us help you aggressively pursue the spousal support arrangement you need.



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